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Single message nets £105,000 sales

In the auto sector a predictable round of new model launches shapes the year. How do you shift the old stock and make room for the new? 

Dealership end-of-line sales success

New registration plates bring a certain prestige to those who drive for a living; and of course a new vehicle has a fresh warranty, a feature very important to commercial drivers.

This 'new model' merry-go-round inevitably means at the year-end there will be lines of stock to clear. Dealers need to shift the current year's vehicles to make way for the next. It is the one time of year that dealers might forgo some margin—and this presents an opportunity to marketers.

One-off discounts available now

Shifting the 'old' stock, quickly, is what matters. For once, price and timing head the hierarchy of sales messages. For example:

  • Sale now on

  • Must go before 'X' date
  • Limited stock

BuzzedUp was able to move £105,000 worth of end-of-line vehicles via a campaign powered by email and social media.


We identified a segment of drivers and fleet owners who had previously exhibited interest in the model in question over the last year. From an initial email campaign prospects interested in the deal hit a hidden 'special offer' landing page. The campaign sales message was echoed across paid social (Facebook and Instagram) to pull in another group, all directed to the same landing page. This first step of the campaign garnered one sale—and gave us a very handy list of people who had current, immediate interest, but who had not yet bought.

A follow-up email campaign to this small but very targeted segment led with a tweaked sales message to make it more urgent and compelling. 70% of recipients opened this follow-up email (just 78 people, but we knew they were interested, and it made them easy to personally follow-up). Two further sales followed.

Uncomplicated message, neat segmentation

The campaign netted £105,000 of sales within a few days. Success factors behind the campaign were:

  • A simple, single idea behind the messages

  • Hidden landing pages that don't confuse or dilute public pricing

  • Clear interest-based segmentation

  • Buy-in from the sales team who followed up very qualified leads.


This is one of several client success stories

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