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How buyer personas help match problems with solutions

A potential buyer weighing up choices will be influenced by the supplier that articulates its services best. These buyers are looking for evidence of a close match between their problem and the supplier’s solution.

Early in the buying process people look for and find written content, often online, as a next step after a peer referral. For example, a mid-level manager might find your content when producing a report for a senior executive; a business owner will Google your name after a referral at a networking event.

So the most effective marketing today is powerful content that simply and directly demonstrates the company’s ability to meet a buyer’s need.

Your marketing, sales and customer interactions will improve after you’ve documented an exact, complete view of your ideal buyers’ profile. Then use these buyer personas to guide every aspect of your marketing.

  • Focus on what’s most important to your ideal buyers, one by one
  • Stop creating non-specific, generic marketing and sales information
  • Drill down to the essential info most valued by your ideal buyers.


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