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Golden subject lines revealed

Email marketing platform Adestra recently looked at more than 3 billion emails and reviewed 300+ keywords across four industries to identify the subject line keywords that work wonders — and those that turn customers cold.

The email subject line is sometimes the ONLY part of a campaign recipients look at, so, for the sake of your brand, it deserves lots of attention.

Adestra selected the most popular single words and two-word phrases for its 2015 Subject Line Analysis Report, split them by industry, and then looked at the relative lift or decay of that word versus the industry sector average. Industries covered:

  • Retail & B2C
  • Conferences & Events
  • Media & Publishing
  • B2B, Professional Services & Financial

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The components of a successful email campaign

When people have asked me about what contributes to a successful email campaign my mantra has always been:

  1. Quality of data (the list)
  2. Relevance of the offer to the list (so 1 and 2 here are closely related
  3. Creative (design of email)

Adestra have approached the ‘good campaign’ conundrum from a different angle and observed that the testable elements contributing to open rate are:

  1. The ‘from’ name (brand or personal)
  2. Data collection (which list)
  3. Day and time email sent (BTW there is no consistent ‘best time’)
  4. Subject line

Of these, only the subject line offers “unbeatable opportunities to test and learn about your audience”.

Best subject lines revealed

Without giving too much away (and after discounting subject lines from automated transactional messages) the ‘best’ subject line words are:

  • BulletinBest subject line words for email
  • Breaking
  • iPhone (!)
  • Golden
  • Order today.

Oddly, lines comprising phrases broken by ‘pipes’ perform very well, eg “Sale now on | New lines added | Win trip to Dubai”.

Those words with a negative effect on open rates include:

  • Journal
  • Forecast
  • White paper
  • Learn
  • Intelligence
  • Subscription
  • Early bird
  • Industry
  • Report.

And if the report isn’t enough to get the grey matter working, there’s even a webinar on subject lines to help you formulate the best performing subject lines. 

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