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Twitter services

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Twitter is an established and important part of the marketing mix for many businesses. But is it right for you and your company? We work with you to identify if Twitter can boost your communications, marketing or customer care programmes.

BuzzedUp’s services range from basic Twitter training to advanced strategy and marketing integration, plus all points in between. We have distilled the most practical Twitter tips, tools and techniques into a system or workflow that consistently delivers great benefit to our clients.

Introduction and basic training

For businesspeople new to Twitter we explain in no-nonsense language:

  1. What is Twitter and how does it work?
  2. What are the business benefits?
  3. Five invaluable tips to get your company started.
  4. How to avoid the most common mistakes made by ‘newbies’.
  5. Five simple Twitter secrets to save you time and money.
  6. How to develop genuine Twitter followers who care about what you tweet.
  7. How to get others to do your marketing for you.

Strategy and advanced marketing

Twitter is at its most effective when part of a wider, joined up marketing strategy. BuzzedUp integrates Twitter with your other marketing initiatives and provides the means to measure how well it works.

  1. Twitter and content: the perfect couple.
  2. How to become the number 1 in your niche on Twitter.
  3. Advanced Twitter search techniques (for prospecting and identifying opportunities).
  4. How to use Twitter directories
  5. The best third party Twitter tools to minimise your time and maximise your output
  6. Twitter as part of an inbound marketing programme.
  7. How to track and measure what works (what is being shared, what drives website traffic)

Our work is focused on the commercial opportunities afforded by Twitter. We work with you to grow an engaged following that either buys from you, shares your key messages or actively recommends your business.