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LinkedIn services

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With 10 millions users in the United Kingdom, LinkedIn is the No.1 online network for business. It offers you the ability to make valuable connections, demonstrate your skills and successes, showcase your services/products, with the ultimate outcome of higher sales.

BuzzedUp offers LinkedIn training and set-up at all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Do you need LinkedIn?

A presence on LinkedIn may not be a priority for businesses dealing in low value, commodity products and bulk sales. But for any business where your professional expertise and reputation is important, or where the sales are complex or higher value, LinkedIn can become extremely useful.

With LinkedIn, there is a lot going on ‘under the bonnet’, and it continues to develop its service with new features released regularly. We know it inside out and can quickly improve your efficiency.

The business opportunities are strong. People like you are on LinkedIn for genuine business reasons. No matter what the size of your enterprise, LinkedIn can help drive sales and marketing.

If you’d like to hear more please email Mick Dickinson or call 0117 963 5204 or 07816 680 266.