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Facebook community building

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More than half the UK adult population is on Facebook, so it’s a safe bet that your current and potential customers are also spending time on this network. Facebook a clear marketing opportunity for your business. Why miss out on a chance to build your brand on the #1 social network?

How to engage with customers and prospects on Facebook

Your Facebook business page should be entertaining and useful for the target audience. One effective way to achieve this—without using up too much time or budget—is to run a series of Facebook promotions. Sweepstakes, money-off vouchers, freebies, photo contests, quizzes… here are a few ideas.

Most businesses build a Facebook community to deal with customer service and share news. If you’re looking for advice on Facebook advertising we have plenty here.

Promotions are can be branded in line with your business and implemented within days. They’re a great way to:

  • Draw people to your Facebook page
  • Get more ‘Likes’ for your page
  • Grow the reach and engagement levels of your Fans

Here’s some ideas for using Facebook promotions:

  1. Sweepstakes. Contests allow for excellent fan interaction. We create your entry forms, select the winners and manage the whole process – all while staying within Facebook’s Official Promotion guidelines.
  2. Photo and video contests, including fan voting. Make your contests even more interactive — let the community vote on a winner. A proven method for creating a buzz.
  3. Fan-only content. Choose who gets to view your content. Premium content — such as access to deals and offers, competitions and freebies — can be restricted to fans only, therefore prompting people to Like your page.
  4. Products and services. Single featured product, groups or product categories — a great way to move unwanted inventory or push a special promotion.
  5. Countdowns. A calendar-based countdown (think Advent Calendar) creates urgency and interest in the run-up to an event. Countdowns may comprise several linked promotions — one for each day. A great way to generate PR.
  6. Polls. Survey your audience and present the results back in real-time, seemlessly and within Facebook.
  7. Google maps. Embed and size maps: ideal for “About Us” or “Events” pages.
  8. Contact forms. Reservations, surveys, “Contact Us” forms and more. We can build pretty much anything. Entries will be emailed directly to you or saved to your own database.
  9. MailChimp. Integrates perfectly with the most popular email newsletter service for small- and medium-sized businesses. Build your email list from inside Facebook. Data exported automatically.
  10. Twitter and Foursquare. We integrate without fuss so your checkins and tweets are visible, if required.
  11. Visual media. Present photo galleries, flickr photo-streams or video as part of the Facebook experience.

Every page/promotion is shareable; commenting can be turned on or off. You have complete control.

Many businesses are building valuable relationships with current and potential customers using smart Facebook marketing. If you’d like to hear more please email Mick Dickinson or call 07816 680 266.