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Why you need responsive email

You need responsive email for your brand comms because so much email is viewed on mobile devices.

Responsive emails rearrange and re-scale all content to work across most mobile devices. The tech involved includes ‘media queries’ that scale images; responsive mail also understands browser data which informs which version of an email to present (the right one for that browser).

Looking good for every occasion

There is a long list of email services providers that offer attractive, editable templates. The thing to do is check is whether they are truly responsive; have they been tested across the most common browsers and devices. And will they star robust once you start adding in your own images and editing the test: titles, headers, bullets and body copy. Look out for a ‘content checking’ option within th email production workflaow process; this will run browser compatability tests automatically for you. Litmus is very good and can be ‘bundled in’ with some email services.

The idea is to produce an email that will look good no matter where it is viewed: on smartphone, tablet, laptop or large screen desktop.

Do we really need to bother with this?

Definitely. For one of our clients, 83% of email is opened on mobile (with iPhone being the most popular device).

When considering design, think about how the email looks alongside your website. Are they consistent? The journey from email to website and maybe back again must be natural.