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Magnetic marketing

All businesses want to generate more traffic, more leads, more customers. That's always been the purpose of marketing and sales. Many switched-on companies now include inbound marketing as a central strategic pillar in their work. But what is inbound marketing? 

Mesmerise? Maybe not. Magnetise? Yes

An inbound marketing approach focuses on drawing customers to your site via valuable content and other online connections that are genuinely useful to the people you want to sell to. Inbound marketing harnesses the power of high quality, relevant content to attract the right sort of customer. Blogging and social media are right at the heart of making inbound marketing work. 

Outbound marketing is fading as customers tire of interruptive messages. It is based on fighting for attention and is generally expensive as you have to pay to get your messages in other's properties. Owning your content that addresses the problems and needs of your target customers means that prospects will find you when searching for solutions. Good content that isn't sales builds trust and credibility for your business.

Inbound marketing involves attracting and converting visitors into customers through relevant information and content. It is the opposite of outbound interruptive messages.

Inbound and the customer journey

Inbound strategies work all through the customer journey, from driving awareness for prospects who are evaluating alternate solutions, to customer decision-making process, through sales communications and onward into customer lifecycle comms.  

BuzzedUp has built a suite of inbound marketing technology and online tools to build great relationships on behalf of our clients customers. 

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