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Use buyer personas to hone your marketing messages

Competitive advantage belongs to those companies that have the deepest insight into their customers. Buyer personas are one way to stay ahead of the pack. A buyer persona is an overall description of everything you know about your most profitable, ideal buyers. Buyer personas keep you ‘on message’ when it comes to producing content your prospects and clients will find and consume.

A buyer persona is a short, clear snapshot of your most profitable, ideal customers. A good buyer persona is incredibly useful for marketers because it keeps you ‘on message’ with all your marketing efforts. This two-minute walkthrough visualises the case for buyer personas.

A buyer persona is a detailed profile of an example buyer that represents the real audience – an archetype of the target buyer (thank you Adele Revella). Marketers can use buyer personas to clarify the:

  • goals
  • concerns
  • preferences and
  • decision processes that are most relevant to their customers.

“Imagine how effective marketers could be if our solutions chimed exactly with our prospects’ business needs…”

I often use buyer personas at an early stage with the businesses I support. They are a fantastic framework for distilling key messages. 

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