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The key to daily qualified sales leads

If your sales team is asking ‘where are the leads?’ then have a look at Facebook Lead Ads.

These simple ads deliver qualified leads (marketing information, preferences, immediacy) like no other Facebook paid product.

Qualified sales leads? Yes, please.

Old phoneWhen I first heard of Facebook Lead Ads I paid lip service but wasn't that interested. At that time my work for an automotive client was focused more on website clicks and page likes. Thanks to a lot of hard work, a great team, a proper marketing strategy and structured communications, we'd grown the business from £3 million to £7 million today. Things were going well, but there was a lot of pressure for more growth.

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The client's sales team had grown to ensure this business expansion continues; and it was now structured around geographic territories. This bigger, hungrier team demanded that I delivery good leads, daily.

Facebook Lead Ads plays a role here. Each morning I reviewed the latest leads and send them along to the sales guys. They got:

  • Prospect full name
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Product interest (three product types to choose from)

Of course, salespeople love qualified leads! To support the sales process further I put these leads into an automated program of comms that reflects:

  • How they got in touch, and
  • What they told us about their interests.

Such activity gives me a great reason to stay in touch with the sales guys as, should an opportunity be closed, I need to remove that prospect from the automated ‘nurture’ email program I'd developed, and add them to the ‘new customer’ program. In my experience marketers don’t talk enough to sales teams; but these conversations often give me incredibly useful insights that play into my future planning.

No one has asked me ‘where are the leads?’ for weeks! 

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