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Can email drive Big Ticket Sales?

“26% open rate (email) with 165 specific, single product landing page clicks and one sale converted at a margin of £3,000.” Here's how we did it.

The work demonstrates how a systematic, logical approach to lead generation, segmentation and targeted outbound messaging can pay major dividends. This is the approach behind our client's booming year on year growth.   

Layout down the gauntlet

A couple of years ago we were challenged to grow sales for specialist taxi dealer The Taxi Shop and I’m pleased to report growth to £8.5 million sales from £3 million. The marketing strategy is focused around establishing a brand position and rolls out via a lot of channels: web, hard-copy advertising, direct mail, trade shows, Facebook, competitions & promotions, affiliate marketing and other partnerships. But this post is about email which itself encompasses brand comms, customer lifecycle marketing and of course prospecting.


The campaign I posted about was a targeted, single product sales email for a large minibus taxi, the FIAT Ducato. Our message hit a segment of the in-house database: those who had previously expressed an interest in minibus taxis, either overtly (filled in a preference centre form); or indirectly (gleaned from their actions).

Offer and messaging

The campaign led with a bold statement “The best minibus tax deal today” because the client was running a very strong promotion on the vehicle. Body copy included a couple of reviews from well-known auto sites. Alongside short features and benefits copy were pricing and finance details for the minibus, plus an office phone number. Next, two CTA buttons to a product landing page exhorted further action. Images also linked to that page. We gave each link a ‘Link Label’, or common name, so that reporting on clicks would be super easy.

Client comment

“Our email campaigns definitely drive sales. We also acknowledge the role email plays in maintaining awareness for our business and generally growing our brand. Fleet owners and taxi drivers generally only change their vehicles every 3-5 years. So we need to be front of mind when that moment comes. We also get calls every day from people who say ‘I saw your email. I don’t want that particular vehicle, but what else have you got?’ "The email campaigns often run alongside paid Facebook ads, and I know that we also feed Facebook activity directly into our email campaigns too, so it is all joined up.” 
Rob Breuilly, The Taxi Shop director/owner.


Show me the money

The initial email—there was also a single follow-up campaign three days later to all those who hadn’t opened the initial campaign—achieved:

  • 26% open rate
  • 190 clicks to the product landing page (was 165 when I first original posted)
  • One sale at £26,500 (before any add-ons or upgrades)
  • 823% ROI (Gross Profit – Marketing Investment)/Marketing Investment
  • Awareness and interest for future opportunities.

Of course, email also generates and maintains awareness that plays into future purchase consideration. Even when no direct sale is reported we can see who’s clicked what and follow-up up with suitable comms and contact.

The Taxi Shop’s AdWords is handled by excellent Manchester PPC agency Hot Click. 

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