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Growing a base for a nonexistant product

MatchDayApp is the essential mobile guide for travelling football fans. The app lets fans get the most out of a match-day.

Three Lions inspiration

Entrepreneur Bob Davies came up with the idea for the app when he was following England in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

“I was at the World Cup celebrating my 50th birthday. On the way to the England v USA game we realised the coach driver had underestimated the volume of traffic. We were seriously worried about missing kick-off. At that moment I could have done with an app that gave me everything I needed about travel times, getting to the ground, where my seats were, breaking news about the match and so on.

“With minutes to spare we just made the game which finished in a 1-1 draw. With this experience fresh in my mind I started thinking of ways to help travelling football fans like ourselves to get to match days easily and trouble-free. MatchDayApp has grown from this seed of an idea.”

Back home in Bristol, Bob was convinced he’d spotted a gap in the market and teamed up with internet marketer Jon Britton to develop the app.

Discovery and strategy

BuzzedUp provided marketing strategy and support throughout the development phase. We spent some time helping the founders clarify their proposition and align it with the needs and wants of potential users.

Within the widest definition of the target market—football fans—lay a range of users with differing priorities. We set about matching key messaging to these users and drew up a content marketing programme that was centred round a blog plus active Twitter and Facebook accounts.

It is always exciting to be in at the beginning of a great project. However, marketing a product that didn’t yet exist had its challenges!

Community management for bloggers

Our strategy revolved around creating a community of bloggers who would help build the brand through their involvement.

After building up a blog based on ‘in-house’ content we felt we had a respectable platform and used it as a magnet to draw in new writers. To supplement this inbound approach, we proactively reached out to people we wanted on board.

Over time we’ve built a community of 40+ bloggers, each contributing regular content, who are proud of their involvement, and who amplify the MatchDayApp brand to their own networks and beyond.

Facebook promotions: fast, clean, cheap

Although Facebook wasn’t a central pillar to the plan, we wanted to ‘put a toe in the water’, and ran a series of prize-winning promotions. These included:

  • ‘Guess the Score’
  • ‘Win an iPhone’ sweepstake
  • ‘Win a Wembley Stone’ photo contest

These and other examples of Facebook promotions are gathered on this demonstration page.

At the time of writing there are 2.5k Facebook fans and 24k Twitter followers.