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Clean Up Britain: social campaigning and community management

Clean Up Britain: social campaigning and community management post image

John Read started Clean Up Britain with one ambition: to rid this country of the rising tide of litter. BuzzedUp’s cornerstone blog content and community-building has taken the campaigning organisation closer to its goal.

BuzzedUp was recruited via a partner agency to support social networking activity and help to grow an online community. The objectives were:

  • Maximise ‘Pledges’ collected on the Clean Up Britain website
  • Grow awareness for the brand online.

John Read, Clean Up Britain (left), with Derek Robertson and Iain Robertson CBE

We worked out a structured content marketing plan based around the various stakeholders (which included concerned/activist citizens, partners, celebrity supporters and brands). The approach was simple: produce key messages for various archetypes and then harness the social web to maximise sharing.


Artificial intelligence based on rules 

Our challenge was to maximise proper social engagement while working with modest resources. We needed to free up time that would otherwise have been spent on ‘factory work’. To do this we applied smart filters and searches to identify important brand and keyword mentions and conversations; and we semi-automated some outbound activity based on rules.

We apply this thinking to all projects. There is always a balance to be struck between hands-on human engagement and content curation assisted by technology. Where that balance lies will shift dependant on budgets.

Our online social media dashboard comprises various paid-for monitoring/management tools. Using this we were able to strike the right balance and grow a very supportive and vocal community.

BuzzedUp’s content output is summarised as:

  • Producing cornerstone content (written FAQs and blog posts)
  • Twitter management based on a very large library of tweets
  • Facebook promotions, surveys and video galleries. 

Numbers tell a story

With Clean Up Britain we nurtured a very committed community on Twitter, pointing people to the Pledge form wherever relevant.

“The number of Pledges has tripled to over 6,000 and Twitter followers have increased four-fold to 1,200. But it’s not all about volumes. We note how closely aligned this community is with Clean Up Britain’s aims and objectives. It will stand us in good steady for what promises to be a very interesting time ahead.” John Read, founder, Clean Up Britain

New alliances and a better Britain

Clean Up Britain has organised large-scale litter-picking events with partners such as Keep Scotland Beautiful and has support from a raft of celebrities and heavy-hitting UK organisations.

Its online community is particularly active and has played a role in getting Clean Up Britain a seat at the top table when it comes to policy discussions about litter.

Founder John Read is currently in significant talks with government ministers and several very well-known brands.