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Andy Coughlin Consulting


After a highly successful sales career with IBM, Compaq, board-level roles in publishing, and the top UK job with a global tech business, Andy Coughlin refocused on a new venture as a specialist business coach and trainer to ambitious managers.


The challenges Andy faced in this crowded market were:

  • To narrow down, distil and articulate his point of difference
  • Launch a distinctive new brand
  • Connect with the right prospects quickly.


I worked through a process of Discovery, Strategy, Implementation and Review to help Andy achieve his goals.

Outputs included:

  • A new business identity
  • Website and blog
  • Content and social marketing strategy.


“One of my best opportunities came as a direct result of two business directors contacting me because they liked what they saw on my site.”

“The quality of my leads and enquiries has increased significantly as a result of my new website. The most consistent comment I get is that what I have to offer is crystal clear. It echoes how I work. Clients like that.”

“Having a strong, clearly set-out website is a great support tool when looking at business development. I can confidently point people to a resource that will progress my sale for me by telling my prospective clients the key things they want to know.”

“I am amazed at the number of calls and emails I get as a result of people seeing my website, taking a moment to look at it and then getting in touch.”

“My product is really ‘me’, and the training and facilitation I deliver. My site speeds up the sales cycle because it mirrors the type of clear delivery any client is going to expect when I do work for them.”

“Having an active blog is so important for building partnerships. It gives me so many opportunities to send a timely link to someone I’ve just met — a great way to build on a  meeting and add some additional value.”

Quotes from Andy Coughlin.

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