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Amplify your key messages using social media

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Smart use of social media will amplify and spread your key messages.

But which social platforms should you be using to connect with people and businesses you want to influence? Here are the main contenders:

FacebookHalf the UK adult population is on Facebook.  Many of your current and potential customers are also there. If you sell business-to-consumer then Facebook clearly presents marketing opportunities for many businesses. But is it right for you? Check out these Facebook marketing ideas and contact Mick Dickinson with any questions.

LinkedIn. With over 11 millions members in the UK, LinkedIn is the No.1 online network for business. You can use LinkedIn to make connections, demonstrate your skills, showcase your services/products, with the ultimate outcome of higher sales. Contact Mick Dickinson to discuss LinkedIn training or set-up and mentoring. Read more about how to use LinkedIn to boost your reputation and business.

Twitter. There are over 10 million active Twitter users in the UK. These are the people who can make or break a business online through either recommendations and praise; or with ridicule and criticism.  To discuss whether Twitter is the right network for your business, contact Mick Dickinson. Read more about how the smart use of Twitter can grow awareness, interest and sales.

BuzzedUp is social marketing expert Mick Dickinson plus a network of talented digital people. Read more: case studies, testimonials and examples of successful projects.