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Thangam Debbonaire, Labour Party candidate and feminist activist:

“Mick created my website in a few short weeks, a site I will use for my future campaigning activities. He came up with ideas for things I hadn’t thought of as well as solutions for problems I had. He’s inspiring and exciting to work with. He turned something I was dreading into something I really enjoy, helped me to triple my vote, and increased my support base. I hope he’ll keep me as a client!”

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Dieter Lloyd, Managing Director, Pam Lloyd PR:

“Mick’s expert perspective helped us distil our proposition. We’re delighted with our new website and confident in using social tools to spread our valuable client messages. Mick took us through a creative thinking process that has confirmed our vision and given us all a lift. I’ve no doubt we’ll work with Mick on future projects. Now we have a site that perfectly reflects where we want to be.”

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Andy Coughlin, principal, Andy Coughlin Consulting:

“The quality of my leads and enquiries has increased significantly as a result of my new website. One of my best opportunities came as a direct result of two business directors contacting me because they liked what they saw on my site. Mick’s approach is rigorous — he employs a step by step model to deliver marketing objectives — yet he’s creative and flexible. After a fairly intensive set-up period I am now focused squarely on promoting my niche service. I’m delighted with the designs for my brand and am confident in using the channels Mick devised with me.”

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Liz Sands, chief executive, BRAVE Enterprise:

“Mick acted on our behalf to plan and deliver a very successful content and social media marketing programme for BRAVE. The project connected us with some pretty hard-to-reach people in Bristol. Seminar bookings are up 50%. He’s  trustworthy and a constant source of ideas and inspiration.”

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Lydia Sherlock, director, Core Strength Studio

“The Core Strength Studio business profile on Bristol247 was a real boost for our business. We got a 20+ enquiries from that article, and some people went on to be regular customers. Great PR for us!”

Owen Rees-Hayward, founder, thingloop:

“Mick delivered consistent coverage for thingloop in the months after we launched. His writing style is clear and natural. Very easy to work with and full of ideas. Highly recommended.

Carol Prince, commercial manager, Jordans:

“The social marketing training workshop Mick ran for the marketing team here at Jordans really was an inspiration! Mick understood our needs perfectly and as a result the session hit all the right notes. Everyone who attended is now much clearer on the opportunities and focused on using social tools. Mick is great to work with and I look forward to doing so again.”

Hayley Williams, marketing director, NFEA:

“I worked with Mick on eComms projects for NFEA for several years. He was a key partner to us and to others in the enterprise sector. Mick is an excellent sales and account management professional. He worked hard to understand our needs, provide original solutions and certainly went beyond the call of duty to support us. Mick was always on hand to discuss projects – and introduced us to other valuable contacts such as Yell, Royal Mail and HSBC.”

Rory MccGwire, managing director, BHP Information Solutions:

“Committed and loyal, Mick played a significant part in BHP’s growth and development. He launched a groundbreaking, complex web and email project, building a subscriber base of 40k from scratch. Mick wrote the online PR strategy and pioneered BHP’s blogging and social networking activity that was so crucial for the successful launch of the Marketing Donut.”

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Mark Sinclair, founder, yourBusinessChannel:

“Mick was the driving force behind the transformation of a business  from traditional publishing to social media savvy.

“I had the pleasure of working alongside him for approximately 18 months but I’ve known him for much longer. Mick is an experienced marketing professional with lots of energy, plenty of creative ideas and a key focus on emerging and future trends. It is this unique combination of old and new marketing techniques that makes Mick’s approach very relevant for any business wanting to get ahead.

“Based on my experience in working with Mick in a client (him) and supplier (me) relationship, I’d recommend him strongly.”

Sonja Jefferson, owner, Valuable Content:

Mick both understands and uses the social web to get results for small to medium-sized businesses. His combination of business development, marketing, content writing and social media experience is a powerful mix.”

Vicky Carne, managing director, Forms On The Fly:

“Mick is all about smart marketing. Understand the market, target the best prospects, and take them through a process into the sales funnel. I was MD at Email Reaction when Mick produced some very advanced email marketing using our platform, delivering a series of breakthroughs that led onto a big project with a major bank. Later, when I was setting up The Adviser’s Edge, Mick was a great sounding board.”

Colin Lee, customer acquisition manager at Yell:

Mick is a Marketing and Publishing expert. That’s a great combination, given that content is everything online. He’s client-focussed and has a particular strength in B2B marketing aimed at UK small business.”

David Impey, professional services marketer:

Mick applies a rigour to marketing projects but he’s also very creative; that’s quite an unusual mix from my experience. He’s an early adopter of new technologies and techniques and will often be seen leading the fight to implement something that gives you an edge.”

Mohamed Garti, owner, L’artisan:

“Mick was able to get our story in front of the right editors at exactly the time we needed publicity.”

Lisa Whitehead, owner, Get a Life:

“Mick was an enthusiastic and knowledgable presenter, who very quickly engaged his audience. He followed the attention of the group, answering questions in a ‘Non-techy’ way, which was perfect for the group, who were of very mixed levels of experience of the topic of social media. Very personable and informative in his presentation style.”

Sofie Boddy, Pam Lloyd PR:

“At Pam Lloyd PR we are proud to offer social media management as part of our service, and we continually invest to keep ahead of the game, to really help our clients benefit. The social marketing training we had from Mick was practical, avoided jargon, and gave us the confidence that we could keep up with the ever-changing world of social media. We picked up tips to maximise our output and minimise the time we spent achieving results, giving even better value to our clients. We currently manage several accounts; and personally I am delighted to be leading the way for our clients.”