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The key to daily qualified sales leads

The key to daily qualified sales leads post image

If your sales team is asking ‘where are the leads?’ then have a look at Facebook Lead Ads. They deliver qualified leads and marketing information like no other Facebook paid product.

qualified sales leads from BuzzedUpWhen I first heard of Facebook Lead Ads I paid lip service. At that time my work for an automotive client was focused more on website clicks and page likes. Thanks to a lot of hard work, a great team, a proper marketing strategy and structured communications, my client’s business has grown from £3 million to £7 million today.

The sales team has grown to ensure this business expansion continues; and it is now structured around geographic territories. This bigger, hungrier team demands that I delivery good leads, daily.

Facebook Lead Ads plays a role here. Each morning I review the latest leads and send them along to the sales guys. They get:

  • Prospect full name
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Product interest (3 product types to choose)

Of course, salespeople love qualified leads! To support the sales process further I put these leads into an automated program of comms that reflects:

  • How they got in touch, and
  • What they told us about their interests.

Such activity gives me a great reason to stay in touch with the sales guys as, should an opportunity be closed, I need to remove that prospect from the ‘nurture’ program and add them to the ‘new customer’ program. In my experience marketers don’t talk enough to sales teams; but these conversations often give me incredibly useful insights that play into my future planning.

No one has asked me ‘where are the leads?’ for weeks!

If you’d like a professional overview of your lead generation process please contact Mick Dickinson

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