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Advanced customer segmentation in MailChimp

Advanced customer segmentation in MailChimp post image

I bang the drum for email platform MailChimp because it is packed with features, easy to use, and affordable. One of the many smart things in the toolkit is the ability to take one list and segment it. This is done with a much-overlooked feature: Groups.

Why would I use Groups?

If you are managing a set of customers that contains multiple sub-groups then it is tempting to set up multiple lists and keep each one separate. But you’ll be making more work for yourself that way. Use one list and implement Groups to profile list members instead. Examples of sub-groups could be:

  • People who want to receive your emails daily/weekly/monthly.
  • People interested in Widget A but not Widget B.
  • Hot prospects Vs Cold prospects.

How do I set up Groups?

FreddieYou’ll need to set up Group fields in your list (in your MailChimp database). When you create groups, they are automatically added to your signup form, so subscribers can choose which group to be a part of. Choose from checkboxes, radio buttons or a ‘select’ menu on your form. Don’t worry, you can also hide any private segmentation criteria from the signup form (for instance, if you were segmenting prospects as Hot, Warm or Cold).

You’re going to tell me about a couple of other benefits, aren’t you?

  1. Groups save you money by eliminating the need for duplicate subscribers across many lists.
  2. They can help cut down on abuse complaints that could result from trying to manage many lists that might contain the same email addresses.

So there you have it. Rather than creating separate, independent lists for each of your subscribers’ interests or profile criteria, use the one list plus Groups to target these subscribers’ interests.

If you’d like to hear more about how to target customers with relevant, timely, actionable email marketing, please contact Mick Dickinson.

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