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LinkedIn Answers and how everybody wins

LinkedIn Answers and how everybody wins post image

>>> SPOILER UPDATE! LinkedIn answers has been discontinued<<<

Imagine having access to top business experts who are willing to share their knowledge and experience free of charge. Now stop dreaming and visit LinkedIn’s ‘Answers’ section.

One of the most under-utilised areas of LinkedIn is its ‘Answers’ section. I’m always surprised that people don’t invest more time here, because it one of the most social places you’ll find. Then again it is rather hidden on the ‘More’ sub-menu.

The ‘Answers’ section is one of those most rarest of gems: a genuine win-win. Whether you are answering a question; or asking one, you get value. Here’s how…

Your questions

‘Answers’ give you access to the sum knowledge of the LinkedIn membership. And people offer advice for free!

I love using an example from my own LinkedIn history. I was tasked to secure a car sponsorship deal for ‘Great Britain’s Strongest Man’ — but I’d never worked on sports sponsorship before. I was starting from zero… and I wanted to be a hero. Although I knew which brands to approach, I needed some rapid help on how to structure the proposal: what were the key things sponsors were looking for? What were the likely pitfalls and blockers?

I was amazed to receive several very high quality responses from people who had ‘been there and done it.’ They wanted nothing more than to help me out (and, of course, provide evidence of their own expertise in the process!)

Your answers

Here you can help people by answering the questions that they pose. It’s a chance for you to share some of your hard-earned knowledge and, in doing so, provide confident proof of your own expertise. Answering questions will boost your ‘influencer’ rating within LinkedIn.

Reality checks

Unfortunately some people abuse ‘Answers’ by spamming:

  • Some no-marks will ask hundreds of Questions (so their name becomes a such a fixture that people somehow begin to acknowledge it).
  • Others provide Answers that are so short or obtuse to be useless.
  • LinkedIn’s algorithm is clever, so I sincerely hope it can work out which are the spammers.

Next time you are faced with a business question, and need some free, expert advice, you’ll know where to go!

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