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Twitter divorces LinkedIn. Sort of

Twitter divorces LinkedIn. Sort of post image

It is great to learn that Twitter no longer supports posting direct to LinkedIn. Who wants updates duplicated by default across quite different networks anyway?

I have previously banged on about how annoying it is to see tweets replicated consistently and without thought in the LinkedIn newsfeed. Looking at LinkedIn now I am delighted to see the majority of updates appear to be direct from within LinkedIn. Such updates are often more considered and thoughtful and, well, different in tone and style to Twitter.

Pluggio and LinkedIn

Don’t get me wrong, I like and use both platforms. And I will, from time to time, when the timing, content and context is right, duplicate across networks. More often than not this will be where something works for a Facebook Pages and the Twitter feed.

You can still update both platforms simultaneously (from LinkedIn) by checking the Twitter box. Somehow that feels OK, partly because:

  • Many people just won’t do it
  • I suspect fewer people use LinkedIn than Twitter

Of course there are any number of third-party applications that allow multiple-platform posts, such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck (which I used for years). I suppose some people will use these as spam-generating technology, checking every box available to splurge updates across as many networks as possible.

When it comes to such tools, I currenty roll with Pluggio, as it suits my varied markets and the content-heavy nature of my tweets.

Mashable has more on Twitter’s ‘separation’ from LinkedIn.


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