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iPad customer complaint has left me wondering

iPad customer complaint has left me wondering post image

I received an amazingly quick and positive response to a recent complaint. The faulty product in question is being replaced immediately and without query. Yet a nagging doubt remains.

Ever the optimist back in March I began looking forward to summer camping trips with my two boys. I’d had my eye on an in-car iPad mount that would allow the kids to watch movies on the longer drives. The unit arrived safely from the States, was easy to install and proved a major success on its debut drive (‘Puss ‘N Boots’, in case you were wondering). The kids were happy; I was delighted to see them happy; and even more delighted that they were not arguing.

I'm not naming the brand at its request

The mount’s ‘flexible arm’ sheered apart yesterday as I was re-positioning the iPad.

After my blood pressure had returned to normal I composed a very reasonable email to the vendor, together with photographs, asking for a refund or a replacement. I suggested that it would be wonderful to be able to post on my blog about excellent, rapid customer service in response to this complaint.

This morning I found a positive reply in my inbox. A replacement unit is winging its way across the Atlantic right now!

“We stand behind this product and will honor our 1 Year warranty. This is not a special treatment and you don’t have to write about us!”

I thought that last line interesting. I have decided to abide by that request and so am not naming the brand in question. I’ll trust that my original unit was faulty.

If you were the vendor’s brand manager, would you have said “you don’t have to write about us!”


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