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Over-optimised sites finally face the bullet

Over-optimised sites finally face the bullet post image

Heavily over-optimised websites are in for a shock as Google begins to penalise ‘old skool’ SEO tactics.

  • Keyword-stuffed page titles? Not helping!
  • Inappropriate internal links? Don’t do it, dudes.
  • Crappy link-filled footers? Are you serious? That is so 2002.
  • Weird keyword-rich blocks that serve no useful purpose? Get out of here!
  • You have back-links from dodgy sites? Off my Christmas card list.
  • Almost-duplicate pages. You don’t fool anyone. Grow up.

Great stuff from SEOmoz — as per usual.

There’s no substitute for well-written, natural language. Contact BuzzedUp if your site is guilty of the SEO crimes above.

Image via kurzweilai.net

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