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How to manage your reputation

How to manage your reputation post image

Potential clients want to know how others judge your personal skills and capabilities. So just how good is your reputation?

This was the question posed by ex-TV presenter, event moderator and professional speaker, Roy Sheppard, at last night’s excellent Bath & Bristol Marketing Network event, billed as ‘Reputation Management.’reputation

Brand reputation in our DNA

I suspect Roy’s talk had originally been crafted for non-marketing people, as there was much included that I would hope many marketers already know and do. Certainly I would expect — given that this was a networking event for marketers — many in the room had ‘brand reputation management’ in their DNA.

That’s not to say the talk wasn’t inspiring. It certainly was. My favourite takeaways from the 30 energetic minutes were these gems on ‘testimonials’:

  1. If you lose business because of how your reputation is perceived, try to find out what specifically was the problem. Then gather positive testimonials from past clients to counter the negative perception.
  2. Testimonials are timeless. You don’t have to date them. A 15-year-old testimonial may be from an earlier part of your life, but your skills and abilities are now even greater.
  3. Ask your clients “What are you REALLY buying from me?” — and then emphasise these characteristics in testimonials. (I may have inferred this last one).

Bath & Bristol Marketing network is one of those rare LinkedIn groups that successfully ‘bleeds’ into the real world. There are excellent speakers from time to time, plus good networking, and the venue changes fairly frequently, a good thing in my view.

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