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The pitfalls of lazy automation

The pitfalls of lazy automation post image

People who duplicate all their Twitter and LinkedIn updates by default should be shot at dawn.

UPDATE 10 July 2012: Twitter must have been listening because it ‘divorced’ LinkedIn at the end of June 2012.

Twitter and LinkedIn are two different social networks, each with a subtle but distinct character and etiquette. Duplicating everything you post will not double your reach; it will simply piss people off.

I use LinkedIn in for a certain type of business conversation and networking. Twitter feels like a quite different platform,  more a mix of social and business chat and engagement.

Rubbish robot

Just because you can doesn’t mean you have to

I am not alone in thinking lazy duplication across these platforms (and, God forbid, Facebook too) adds no value. Why choose to send ALL tweets to LinkedIn (or the other way round, I don’t care which way it is, the annoyance factor is the same)?

Let me be clear. Yes, on occasion, a tweet may be suitable for the LinkedIn audience and vice versa. I’ve done that and will again. But NOT ALL MY SODDING TWEETS.

How do you stop tweets appearing in your LinkedIn newsfeed?

Unfortunately there is no way to suppress ONLY updates originating on Twitter. So these are your two choices:

  1. Hide updates from selected users (click the grey ‘Hide’ link top right corner of any update).
  2. Remove a connection from your network (go Contacts/Connections, check the name and Remove Connections, top right)

I’d be delighted if anyone has a solution to this issue. Please let me know in the comments below — many thanks.


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