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Super-cool versus The Doctor: a Vision Bristol soundclash

Super-cool versus The Doctor: a Vision Bristol soundclash post image

For anyone involved in digital marketing and the wider creative industry, there is a smorgasbord of talent on offer at this year’s Vision Bristol. Looking down the list of speakers I was struck by two short biographies nestling innocently together: Dr Bernie Hogan and Dan Southern.

Corduroy jacket with leather elbow patches?

Nerdy acedemic

Gratuitous stereotype of a nerdy academic

Dr Hogan is a research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute and has a string of serious publications to his name (deep breath, eg… The Presentation of Self in the Age of Social Media: Distinguishing Performances and Exhibitions Online).

With interests in social networks, human-computer interaction, social informatics and quantitative analysis, there is a clearly a lot of data-crunching and interpretation going on in his world.

As a fellow at Oxford, we should probably expect a talk based on empirical evidence, from a guy used to standing at the lectern in front of a bunch of students. But I suspect that is not the full picture. His tweets exhibit a wider range of interests and a playful nature.

Bleeding edge media specs and braces?

(Sort of) in contrast, Dan Southern operates from a super-cool region between media, publishing and marketing consultancy.

don draper

Largely irrelevant image of fictional 1950s ad-man Don Draper

His agency, Contagious — “the global marketing industry’s early warning system” — produces trend briefings and special reports for brands. I bet some of these are formulated partly with research done in social spaces using media measurement and monitoring tools.

It looks like Contagious mines the web for big name brands, digging out and interpreting information to keep clients ahead of the game. Smart stuff and once again probably involving a warehouse or two of data.

And there’s the rub…

I am guessing that these two will have a lot more in common than a first glance might suggest (based on their official and personal online presences.)

And this is why Vision promises to be a fascinating event for anyone involved in marketing strategy — particularly digital. Where else would your Venn Diagram intersect with such tip-top commercial and academic thought-leaders?

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