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How many buyer personas should I produce?

How many buyer personas should I produce? post image

Good targeting and segmentation are fundamental to effective marketing. The concept of the buyer persona neatly distils both into a useable tool. But how many buyer personas should you produce?

Make a list of your top buyer ‘types’. Take the three or five buyers that are ‘best’ for your business (buy the most, are most loyal, advocate for your brand, refer new business). Sometimes a fictitious name for each persona helps (e.g. Essex Man).

Ultimately you are looking for the people who have the biggest impact on your revenues and profit, but this could include people who influence buying decisions. Ignore customers who drain your resources.

Aim to write down 25 to 35 characteristics for each of your ideal buyer types.

Refer to these personas each time you begin marketing work.

In an earlier post I discussed how buyer personas help match your customers’ problems with your solutions.

The next post in this series features a handy checklist to help you create tightly-focused buyer personas.

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