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Why creating a library of content is the best investment you’ll make

Creating a library of content is a marketing investment

What could be better than investing in great marketing that can be used again and again? A deep reservoir of quality content about you and your industry expertise is just that: a gift that keeps on giving.

By committing to great content you:

Your growing body of content can be re-purposed and linked to time and again. This stands in marked contrast to most campaign-based, old-school marketing. For instance, once an ad campaign budget is gone, it’s gone forever. Compelling, valuable content, on the other hand, is good to go day-in-day out.

Does marketing with content work for everyone?

No. If your service is commoditised, then it’s more difficult to articulate a point of difference, and therefore tricky to establish a distinct position.

But for coaches, consultants, trainers, niche businesses, and specialists of all kinds providing quality services (rather than cheap ones), marketing with content on the social web is a huge opportunity.

Give me a shout if you’d like to take advantage of my own specialist marketing service.

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