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Drama and a new star rising


I watched from the wings as Harry Duns, the red-hot photographer, wove his magic at the Brewery Theatre, Bristol.

Harry is technically gifted, that’s for sure. And he has a distinct, signature style. People seem to be drawn to the images, they have such a dramatic, almost theatrical quality.

In the run up to the event, I had built a buzz around this, Harry’s first Bristol portrait shoot. Our subjects for the day –  actors and performers, with a smattering of business people, too – were all hungry for the ‘crazy, once in-a-lifetime offer’ I had posted.

“Beautiful portraits from a rising star in UK photography – yes, I want some of that.”

They knew that it was going to be special.

There’s a lot of drama in a shoot like this. The room is darkened to give the photographer maximum control of his own lights. There’s a bit of a wait in the dressing room. It all serves to ramp up the excitement. I think, for our sitters, entering the room was a thrill.

But we are all snap-happy these days, and most of us can take a half decent pic, right?

So, what sets a maverick photographer apart from the rest?

It is the rapport between photographer and subject. Harry knows how to make people feel at ease, and calms the nerves with a big “Hello!” For a few moments, each sitter is a supplicant, willingly putting his or her trust into Harry’s hands. It’s a pretty intense human experience.

Please get in touch to discuss an individual portrait sitting.

  • Emma Newman, the Bristol author who was photographed by Harry, has written a fascinating description of her experience.
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  • Emma Newman 24/08/2010, 4:12 pm

    Wow, I love those other portraits too! Just wanted to say that Harry is a very talented chap. I have had a pathological fear of having my picture taken for the last 20 years, so getting several shots that I love is bordering on a miracle.

    Wishing you all the best for future success Harry! And thanks again for organising it Mick.

  • Mick 25/08/2010, 8:25 pm

    Thanks so much Emma. Let me know when the book jacket is available, would love to see it.

  • Damian Aldred 10/09/2010, 2:18 pm

    For someone who doesn’t like having their photo taken I found Harry’s energetic yet calm aproach quickly put me at ease and turned the experience into an enjoyable photo session.

    The resulting photos made me see myself in a different light and with many different faces.

    I wish Harry all the best in what I am sure will be fruitful career. Thanks for arranging it all.

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