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Media140 and changing the world

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Last night’s media140 sauna-like gathering in Bristol was billed as ‘using social media to help your business grow online’, and it lived up to the promise. However, there were few small business owner-managers there who did not work in marketing or PR (is there a difference?); so I guess we’ll be taking the learnings onward to our clients. All good!

Some great speakers, including

  • @GemmaWent (practical, no-nonsense), and
  • @PaulSq (deep, philosophical, bouncing oranges)

gave their take on what social media (#SM) works and where #SM is going.

And the atmosphere really crackled in anticipation of @treypennington whose Facebook profile is ranked as the #4 most influential in the world by HubSpot.

Trey opened with a gun-toting anecdote about the ‘big boxes’ (faceless mega-stores) and how they have lost touch with customers.

He riffed on how #SM can connect politicians with constituents for the greater social good.

And in summing up he ‘connected the dots’ to show us how we, UK small business, can steal a march on the big boys through top one-to-one personal service and #SM comms.

Trey has the most engaging style of talking, was happy to take questions (even the rambling ones), and basically comes across as an all-round likeable and very smart guy.

As I left the building the central message was clear in my mind…

We are at a special moment in history. A “door has opened” that could allow us to democratise our world—and make it better. Some of that work can be done through business.

Pretty inspirational stuff for a Monday evening when many were on the verge of fainting in the heat.

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  • Bernie Ritchie 22/06/2010, 1:01 pm

    Great post! It was certainly hot in the Bristol venue [almost like a Finnish sauna at times!] – but the Media 140 content was hotter! I agree with the ‘special moment in history’ concept and also how you can steal a march on the big boys through top 1-1 personal services and outstanding SM comms which ‘pays attention’ as Trey would say! You have definitely got to take account of ‘Human Dynamics’ [Trey’s words again!] in order to properly get a foot in the door now opening – and then the world could very possibly be your oyster!

    Have a fun at Media 140 London tonight!

    Look forward to next Bristol event!

  • Trey Pennington 22/06/2010, 1:48 pm

    Wow. Thank you much. It was a sheer delight to be with y’all in Bristol.

    Thanks especially to Chris Hall, who labored diligently to create an event where we all could see each other face-to-face.

    Your words are a rich encouragement to me and I’m grateful you took the time to share them.

    Honored to have shared the stage with Gemma, Gabrielle, Paul, and all y’all.

  • ande gregson 23/06/2010, 10:05 am

    thank you Mike, great write up. Glad you enjoyed the event. Chris did a fabulous job, as did all the wonderful speakers. looking forward to the next media140 Bristol

  • Aaron 24/06/2010, 6:43 pm

    Trey Pennington is a total class act- and one of the sharpest guys you’ll ever meet on the subject of marketing and the intelligent application of social media for biz, personal, and political use. Glad he got to light up the UK too.

  • Mick 26/06/2010, 8:19 am

    Thanks for your comments. I have to say I found the event pretty inspiring – it lifted my thinking up to another level.

    BTW have you seen the excellent pics of the event from Harry Duns? http://harryduns.jalbum.net/140media/

  • Harry Duns 26/06/2010, 12:30 pm

    Thanks for mentioning my photos Mick! As well as taking photos, I really enjoyed the event – a very friendly, informal atmosphere and lots to think about!

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