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How marketing with content reaches buyers directly

How marketing with content reaches buyers directly post image

In the bad old days there were really only two ways to reach customers:

1. Buy expensive marketing, such as:

  • Local or national press ads
  • Radio or TV slots (if you were big enough)
  • Direct mail (which involved renting a list, putting together a sales letter, and paying for the mailing)
  • Directory listings such as Yellow Pages
  • Exhibitions


2. Beg the media to talk about you and your services. This could also involve paying a retainer to a PR company. Most of the time journalists would not be interested in your story anyway.

Search, blogs, social networking and decent broadband speeds have changed everything. Now, by creating content that your customers find—because it interests them and provides answers to their questions—you can reach them directly, and without the need of an intermediary.

This short video from David Meerman Scott, perhaps the leading proponent of marketing with content and social tools, sums up the New Rules of Marketing and PR.

If your paid-for marketing is getting results: great! But if you’d like to explore a more direct way of reaching your customers, please contact me.

Read more about the power of social marketing here.

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