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A Valentine’s Day promotion can catch the attention of your customers and connect you with thousands of new prospects.

Most Valentine’s Day gifts are bought within a couple of weeks of the big day. Now’s the time to launch a quick promotion to focus customers’ attention in the run-up to this special occasion.

Check out this Valentine’s promotion from Reebonz.

Running a promotion is easy and an excellent marketing investment that can:

  • Bring your brand to prominence at a quiet time of year
  • Deliver new sales
  • Generate tonnes of new leads.

Ideas for Valentine’s Day Promotions

  1. Offer a Valentine’s Day themed prize. It’s one thing to have a Valentine’s Day themed promotion but make sure your prize is related to the holiday and relevant to your business.
  2. Think of different ways to show the love. A popular way for brands to take advantage of Valentine’s Day is to use it to show their fans that they are appreciated. Offer free giveaways to attract new fans and make existing customers love you even more.
  3. Consider a multi-day giveaway. A multi-day giveaway give your fans more chances to enter and more time to share. Think Advent Calendar — but maybe for the week before Valentine’s.
  4. Collect email addresses from competition entrants. Make sure you’re collecting email addresses from your entrants and you have a follow-up email marketing strategy set in place to continue to communicate with entrants after the promotion ends. We integrate with many email platforms such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact and Highrise.
  5. Let your fans get involved so they feel like the brand is part of their life. This jewellery company’s Valentine’s promotion worked well.
  6. Integrate with your website and other social channels. A promotion for Facebook can easily be published on your website. We provide the code and it’s ready to go. It’s also good to allow your Twitter and/or Instagram followers to enter as well. Add a hashtag to your Campaign or make your Campaign Instagram or Twitter specific.

Other examples of Valentine’s Day Promotions

Sylvie’s Sweetheart      Simple unbranded promotion

Get in touch to discuss a Valentine’s promotion for your business.



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